Brexit and British citizens of Polish descent

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How did the Polish ancestors of British citizens land in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom there is a big population of British Poles, British citizens of Polish descent. Many of their ancestors settled down in the UK after World War II. There were Polish soldiers, servicemen, and women, who fought alongside allied forces, Polish military personnel, Polish survivors of German concentration and POW camps. After WWII ended, many of them did not want to or could not return to Poland, due to the fact that Poland became a communist country and Soviet repressions of Poles. As there were soldiers and former members of the Home Army, they were often at risk to be oppressed and be executed by the Soviets.

Initially, a large Polish community cantered around near military camps, where military personnel had been stationed during the war. Later on, once they felt more comfortable and used to British civil life, they spread out across the country.

British citizens with Polish descent living in the UK

Nowadays, lots of descendants of Polish soldiers, military personnel, and war refugees live in the UK. They are grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Polish war heroes, who can obtain Polish citizenship after their Polish ancestors and this way guarantee themselves free access to the European Union.

Why is it worth confirming Polish citizenship for British citizens?

With the Brexit vote, the United Kingdom withdrew its membership from the European Union. British citizens who still wish to work, study, or travel in the EU will need to follow a different process. That means they would need to legally register as a resident or in some cases, apply for a visa or work permit.

Therefore, if you are a British citizen with Polish ancestry, it is very convenient for you to confirm your Polish citizenship and apply for a Polish passport, which equals the passport of the European Union. This way, you can secure yourself and your family members, children and grandchildren an easy access to the European job market and visa free travels. In the future, if you or anyone from your family, decides to move abroad, Polish citizenship will also be helpful. With a Polish passport you can reside anywhere within the European Union and buy property which has much less formalities. You can hold dual citizenship, British and Polish citizenship and depending on the situation, you can use whichever passport is more convenient.

Process of confirming Polish citizenship for a British citizen with Polish ancestry – what do you need to know?

Contact us, and we will closely check your case and your Polish ancestor’s details. We will analyze your family immigration history and check your eligibility for a Polish citizenship application. Depending on whether you have enough Polish documents or not, we will conduct research across archives in Poland and the UK to search for documents oriented towards Polish citizenship confirmation.

If you are interested in free assessment, please do send us a query via Contact Form or write an e-mail to 

Polish nationality vs Polish citizenship – what is the difference?

The notion of Polish citizenship has no statutory definition. In doctrine it is defined as a certain kind of legal bond between a natural person and a state, which consists in the person’s belonging to that state. It is expressed by the state providing rights for citizens and presenting them with obligations, which exist to indicate the ways of acquiring and retaining citizenship and the related rights or lack thereof.

How do I travel with double citizenship and two passports?

Have you ever thought about how double citizenship can impact your travelling? How can you use the fact of having two passports to your benefit?
Once you are the lucky owner of a Polish passport, below you can find a list of tips and advice that will make your life easier while moving around the EU, between the EU and your country of origin and while travelling to third party countries.