Legalisation of foreign documents for use in Poland


What is an apostille, and why is it needed?

As a rule, foreign official documents that you intend to use in proceedings to confirm your Polish citizenship should bear an Apostille clause, i.e. a certification that the document originates from the relevant office, i.e. contains an authentic signature and stamps.
The reason for that is officials in one country do not have the tools to verify the authenticity of documents originating from another country. On 5 October 1961 in Hague, an international agreement was concluded, the so-called Hague Convention, in which the parties agreed that the Apostille would certify the reliability of documents.
Currently, there are more than 100 countries that are parties to the Hague Convention. If you are curious if the country you live in has signed the Convention, you can check it HERE 


What are the examples of documents that require an apostille?

Official foreign documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, naturalization certificates, or military or non-military service certificates among others, have a special evidentiary power in the process of Polish citizenship confirmation. They prove what has been officially stated in them. An apostille confirms their validity and that the person who signed them is authorized to do so. While you decide to engage with our company, we will closely analyze your case and provide you with a list of documents that will be required from you in original, and we will clearly state which document would need to be apostilled. This way, we will make sure that your documents will be accepted in Poland by the Polish Government.

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