Restoration of Polish Citizenship

‘Can I get back my Polish citizenship? Can I apply for a Polish passport?’ These questions are important if you are still not sure about your past. The list of Polish citizenship requirements is also quite long. Do not worry! We will not only help you with filing a motion for Polish citizenship but also with understanding your ancestors’ history.

Polish citizenship – how to get it?

If you would like to apply for Polish citizenship but you renounced your Polish citizenship in the past, there is a way of getting it back via the process of a Restoration of Polish citizenship. This situation also applies to people who were minor kids at the time when their parents have decided to renounce their Polish citizenship, and thus they too have lost all rights.

We will assist you in preparing your Polish citizenship application and lodgment with the Polish Government.

Polish citizenship application – what you need to know?

That usually happens via the appropriate to your residence Polish Consulate General. There is a set of documents that you would need to have with you.  We will make sure your Polish citizenship application is complete. Contact us for more information. With our help, you will get Polish citizenship and a Polish passport!

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We will help you pick the best strategy and manage your application on your behalf. You will be informed about every step in the process. You do not need to speak Polish. You do not need to travel to Poland.

Once you are a confirmed Polish citizen, you can apply for your Polish passport on your own! Do that at the nearest Polish Consulate General or Polish Embassy with Consular services, we’ll show you how.

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