Polish Citizenship Test

Welcome to your Polish citizenship test!

If you have Polish ancestry, take our Polish citizenship test to find out if you qualify for Polish citizenship and Polish passport!

You may have known for a long time or you may have just found out that you have a Polish ancestry, Guess what! You may find this hard to believe, but it means that perhaps your ancestor’s Polish citizenship was passed on to you via the “right of blood”!

In case you wonder whether you are eligible for Polish citizenship confirmation, please answer the below questions to the best of your knowledge. Take our quick Polish citizenship quiz and find out if you are eligible for Polish citizenship by descent!

Once you have Polish citizenship, it’s a straight and easy path to a Polish passport for you!

Why should you do it?

  1. Once you become Polish citizen, you become European Union citizen. Polish passport equals passport of the European Union and along with it, you get several rights and privileges that you can benefit from in any of the 27 member countries.
  2. Once you are Polish citizen, you can reside and work anywhere within European Union without any visa restrictions or time limits.
  3. Travel without border controls and visa free within Europe! There are no border controls within the European Union, so you don’t have to worry about long queues while travelling by land.
  4. You can pass it to your children and future generations. They will be grateful for a gift of Polish dual citizenship.
  5. Your other family members get equal working and residential rights to yours. Once you are Polish, you can bring them along with much less formalities.

Take our short Polish citizenship by descent test to find out. With this Polish citizenship eligibility test, you will find out whether you qualify for confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent.

When did your Polish ancestor leave Poland?

Who was your Polish ancestor that left Poland?

Did your Polish ancestor serve in a foreign army before 19.01.1951?

Did your Polish ancestor hold a public position (for example: politician, clerk, teacher at public school, church clerk or rabbi, doctor in a public hospital) before 19.01.1951?

Did your Polish ancestors renounce Polish citizenship?

Do you have any Polish documents of your Polish family?

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