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We are one of the most qualified experts in Polish citizenship by descent and research towards Polish citizenship on the market with over 10 years of experience and +1000 confirmed Polish citizenships. Learn more about us on our staff profiles.

Our friendly team of Polish Citizenship experts offers hassle free services. Our experience and knowledge allow us to professionally assess your case, advise on required steps and assist you throughout the process of confirmation of Polish citizenship through descent.

We have working experience on both sides, we worked for the Polish government at Voivodeship Office on assessing Polish citizenship applications, and preparing applications for lodgement on behalf of private clients.

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I support clients throughout the process of Polish citizenship confirmation and I manage Polish citizenship applications from the beginning till the very end.

I will assist you in gathering documents for your application from your own country and advice how and where to get them from. 

I also support research activities across international archives and various authorities in Poland and abroad.


Barbara Cebula

Polish Citizenship Specialist

I graduated from the University of Lodz at the faculty of Law and Administration. During my studies I became interested in Polish citizenship, and wrote my thesis on the topic of  “Acquisition and loss of Polish citizenship”.
My professional path has led me from theory to practice. Only the combination of these two is the way to succeed and achieve the best results.


Dorota Dwojacka

Polish Citizenship Expert

After receiving my master’s degree in Administration, I stayed at the university for a few years, teaching and specialising in administrative proceedings. 

However, I wanted to experience the „law in action” and moved to the Voivodeship Office in Lodz, where I worked at the Department of Citizenship and Foreigners’ Affairs. This is where my adventure with topics related to Polish citizenship began, which proved to be so fascinating to me that it has not stopped until today.


Marta Daszkiewicz- Daniszewska

Polish Citizenship Expert

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