Vital Records Registration in Poland

We will help you with the registration of all kinds of vital records in Poland and based on that you will be issued with their Polish duplicates. You will need them later so you can apply for a Polish passport. Registration happens based on your original birth certificate issued by your country of birth. A similar process applies to married people and their marriage certificates. 

If you hold Polish citizenship and live abroad, moreover – your children were born outside of Poland, we can register on your behalf your child’s birth certificate at the Civil Registry Office.

If you got married outside of Poland, we can help with your marriage registration. You need to register your marital status too! It is also necessary in case of changing last name while you apply for a Polish passport. The same would apply to divorce registration at the Civil Registry Office or via Polish court (in case it happened before 2009).


What we can register at Civil Registry Office in Poland:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificates
  • Change of name certificate

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