Time and cost of Polish Citizenship by Descent Application


How much does it cost to confirm Polish citizenship by descent?

The cost of Polish citizenship by descent application depends on whether you have enough documents proving your ancestors were Polish and if any additional research needs to be conducted across archives in Poland. Along with your Polish citizenship application, we need to lodge evidence that confirms your ancestor was a Polish citizen in a form of certified and valid records so that they are accepted by the Polish Government. If you do not have any documents proving your Polish citizenship, do not worry. We will be able to source them in Poland on your behalf. We know what’s required and treated as valid proof of Polish citizenship.

We will be able to give you the exact price after we analyze your case. The initial assessment is free of charge. We will review all the documents you have, analyze all the details and information about your Polish side of the family tree. All for free!

We also offer family discounts for siblings, children, and other family members. The more family members apply for Polish citizenship together with you, the better the price.


How long does it take to get Polish citizenship?

The length of the process varies from one case to another and it depends on the complexity of the case. Usually, the Polish Government takes around 3 to 6 months to process Polish citizenship applications. But we had cases in the past where it took much less, like a month! If the case is more complicated, requires more details and information, it may take a bit longer than 6 months.

From our side, we make sure that the Polish citizenship applications we lodge are as complete as possible but in some instances, the Polish Government may require additional information and evidence to support your Polish citizenship claim.

Our Polish Citizenship Expert manages communication with the Polish Government on your behalf and acts as soon as we receive their feedback or request for any additional documents. We also make sure that we lodge your Polish citizenship application as soon as we have the whole set of documents needed for lodgement so there is no delay on our side.  


Is it complicated to confirm Polish citizenship by descent?

To claim your Polish citizenship by descent, it is necessary to confirm that one of your ancestors was a Polish citizen. If the outcome is positive, then you will be able to confirm your Polish citizenship after him or her. However, there are many regulations and Polish citizenship laws that apply to each citizenship case depending on your Polish ancestor’s date of birth and other events that took place in your other family members’ lives, such as date of foreign naturalizations, date of marriage, military service in the foreign country. Our Polish Citizenship Experts with their experience and knowledge will be able to assess your case, all the events that could impact your citizenship, and confirm your eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent. 

There is a certain set of documents you need to provide for your Polish citizenship claim. Some of them directly prove your ancestor was a Polish citizen (documents issued in Poland by the Polish Government and Polish institutions), and others that you would need to organize in your own country. We will give you a detailed list of what is required and how to get them. Also, a citizenship application needs to be filled in Polish and the whole communication with the Polish Government is in Polish. But hey, that’s what Polish Citizenship Experts like us are here for! To manage it all on your behalf!

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