What we do at Five to Europe and how we can assist you with Polish citizenship

Who we are and what we do

Five to Europe is a group of experts specializing in Polish citizenship and services around Polish citizenship. We offer genealogical research oriented towards Polish citizenship confirmation as well as sentimental genealogical research. We offer you end to end services, starting from a FREE assessment of your case, helping with gathering required evidence and documents, conducting research if needed, then registering vital records in Poland that are required to apply for a Polish passport, and at the end we will also assist you with Polish passport application. We know Polish citizenship law, all dependencies, dates, acts, and regulations. We can assure you, you will be in safe and professional hands.

Polish Citizenship Confirmation

If you have Polish roots (even if you were born abroad) and let’s say your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent was Polish, in all likelihood you are Polish citizen too. Based on that you can confirm your Polish citizenship and apply for a Polish passport, which is also a European one, and allows you to work, live, and study anywhere within the European Union.

We offer free eligibility assessment for Polish citizenship by descent by asking you details about your Polish ancestors, analyzing the documents you have and checking the information about your family members that are crucial to establish if you are eligible for Polish citizenship application.

Genealogy Research towards Polish Citizenship Confirmation

We search for documents and records across archives not only in Poland but if needed, also abroad. While conducting research oriented towards Polish citizenship confirmation, we focus on a specific set of documents confirming your ancestor held Polish citizenship.

We know what documents are relevant to make Polish citizenship application successful.

Sentimental Genealogy Research

In case you do not qualify for Polish citizenship confirmation (if for example, your Polish ancestors left the territory of Poland before 1920) or you are interested in finding more about your Polish ancestry, we can offer sentimental genealogical research. We will ask you to provide us with as many details as possible and agree with you on what you are interested in. Then we focus our research on the records and documents of your interest.

Vital records registration in Poland

We register all kinds of vital records on your behalf in Poland such as birth and marriage certificates, register divorce, change of name. These are needed later on in the process, once you hold a Polish citizenship. You will be required to show your original Polish vital records while applying for your Polish passport.

If you are a Polish citizen living abroad, and you got married or your child was born abroad, we can help you with foreign vital records registration in Poland.

We are familiar with all processes around vital records registration which can be problematic such as name changes and name discrepancies in various documents. We can fix everything in Poland and make sure your newly issued Polish documents are as per Polish government requirements.

To summarize

  • we first asses the case, if someone is eligible to go through the process of Polish citizenship confirmation,
  • if needed, we look for documents and records confirming Polish ancestry across archives,
  • we prepare Polish Citizenship confirmation application and lodge it with Polish Authorities,
  • in the meantime register vital records such as birth and marriage certificates etc. in Poland, which are needed to apply for Polish passport,
  • we can assist with Polish passport application; we give you list of documents you need to take for passport appointment to the Polish Consulate and can help you with booking an appointment.

If Polish citizenship or genealogy reserach of your Polish ancestors is on your radar, contact us for FREE assessment.

How to get Polish citizenship by descent through Five to Europe, a Polish based company?

Polish citizenship follows the “right of blood” rule which means that a Polish parent passes it to his or her child at birth. If you have Polish ancestry, you know that someone from your family came from Poland or what used to be Polish territory, likely you are eligible for Polish citizenship by descent. It is also necessary to prove that your Polish ancestor left Poland after 1920, or provide an official and legal document issued by the Polish Government after 1920.

Becoming a Polish citizen by right of blood

Polish citizenship is passed by “the right of blood”. If one of the parents holds Polish citizenship (or is a person of Polish descent), it is passed to the child irrespective of whether the child was born in Poland or abroad.
It also applies to people born in countries with the “right of soil” e.g. USA. If you were born in the USA to at least one Polish parent (or a parent of Polish descent – to your Polish grandparents), you can claim Polish citizenship despite the fact you acquired US citizenship at your birth.