Check if you qualify for Polish citizenship by descent

Being a dual citizen and having an option to possess two passports bring a person many benefits such as freedom to use the one which is better in a particular situation, e.g. visa free entry to a country, or freedom of residence. If you are of Polish descent and know that someone from your family was a Polish citizen, you are likely eligible to confirm your Polish citizenship and get a Polish passport.  Along with that you get freedom to live, work and travel within the European Union.

How to check if you qualify for Polish citizenship?

If you have Polish ancestry, and know that your ancestors left Poland after 1920, it is worth checking your eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent. Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood, so it is necessary to first confirm that your ancestor was Polish, kept his/her Polish citizenship and passed it to further generations. To check that, you need to verify vital records, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates to prove kinship. Another step is to locate documents serving as evidence that Polish citizenship was held by one of your ancestors and analyse or events and details in your Polish ancestor’s life that could impact Polish citizenship and cause his loss such as marriage before 1951 to a foreigner in case of women, naturalization in a foreign country, foreign army service.

What if you don’t have any documents proving your Polish ancestry such as Polish vital records or documents proving Polish citizenship?

This is where a proxy or a Polish citizenship expert may come handy. To search for your family documents in Poland you need to have a postal/delivery address in Poland as archives and Polish Civil Registry Offices do not post the documents or records abroad. You also need to know which place to address for what kind of documents. Many records were moved from one place to another, some were destroyed. But if you have enough details about your Polish ancestors, we will be able to analyse them, review and offer research in Poland focusing on finding records proving your ancestor was a Polish citizen.




How do I know if the documents I have are enough to prove my Polish citizenship by descent?

We offer more than 10 years of experience dealing with the Polish citizenship confirmation process so we can quickly assess and verify the documents you have and confirm if they are enough to proceed and prepare your Polish citizenship application for lodgement. You can contact us at and email photos or scans of all the records you have. We will be able to analyse them free of charge and you don’t have to feel obliged to proceed with our services and assistance with your Polish citizenship confirmation.

I need help with my Polish citizenship application – Contact us for assistance!

In such a situation, please contact our Polish citizenship experts. We will be able to guide you from the very beginning till the very end, till you hold your Polish passport in your hand. We will give you details in terms of a list of documents needed from your side and the form they need to be lodged in with the Polish Government, we take care of certifications in Poland, sworn translations and duty stamps fees. We lodge your Polish citizenship on your behalf directly in Poland and manage the whole communication with the Polish Government throughout the process. If you don’t have any evidence or what you have is not enough, we will address archives and institutions in Poland to locate required records to support your Polish citizenship claim.

Consult your case with us free of charge:

Based on your case, we will prepare a list of questions that will allow us to initially assess your situation, confirm your eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent, and advise on the best next steps for you. Each family history is different; therefore, the case is different and requires an individual approach.

It is important to note that the process and requirements for the whole process can vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific laws and regulations that were in force.

Check if you qualify and contact us for a free assessment of the case. You can fill in our Contact form  on our website, send us an email at or give us a call phone / WhatsApp / Signal + 48 509 374 209

How to get passport of Poland based on descent?

Obtaining a Polish passport based on descent involves a process known as “confirmation of Polish citizenship.” If you have Polish ancestry and can prove your descent from Polish citizens, you may be eligible to apply for confirmation of citizenship, which can then lead to obtaining a Polish passport.

What are the benefits of being Polish origin?

The term “Polish origin” typically refers to an individual’s ancestral or familial connection to Poland. It implies that a person’s ancestors, parents, or family has roots or heritage in Poland. This connection may be through direct descent (e.g., having Polish parents or grandparents), and it signifies a cultural, historical, and often a linguistic link to Poland.

What are the benefits of European Union citizenship?

European Union (EU) citizenship comes with several benefits, although it’s important to note that EU citizenship is derived from the citizenship of a specific EU member state. This means that the citizens of individual member states, such as Poland, automatically become citizens of the European Union upon acquiring national citizenship.