Registration of civil status records in Poland


Transcription of civil-status records in Poland

A foreign civil-status document, which is evidence of an event and its registration, may be transferred to the civil-status register via transcription. Transcription faithfully and literally transfers the content of a foreign civil-status document both linguistically and formally, without any interference in the spelling of the forenames and surnames.

A document recognized as a civil-status document in the issuing State has the status of an official document. It must be issued by a competent authority and raise no doubts about its authenticity.

Transcription of all vital records is obligatory when a Polish citizen, who is the subject of a foreign civil-status document, applies for a Polish identity document e.g., passport or a PESEL number.

Therefore, if our client goes through the process of Polish citizenship confirmation, we carry out the transcription of foreign vital records on our client’s behalf.  At the end of the process, he or she has a whole set of documents and is ready to apply for a Polish passport.


I changed my name, and my name shows up differently on various documents. Is it possible to adjust it?

Yes, and in fact, in Poland, it is required that all Polish civil records have a consistent name. Once your foreign vital records are registered in Poland (via transcription), you would need to adjust your name where required.

In case your current legal name (as per your valid passport) is different from your birth name, it will be necessary to register a change of name in Poland so that your name on your valid id matches your name on various Polish documents such as birth and marriage certificates. If you need assistance with the registration of your name change in Poland and adjusting your name on all your Polish documents, contact us for assistance. 

Our Polish Citizenship Expert will ensure that the transcription of your foreign civil status certificates goes smoothly and all your newly issued Polish documents are in order. This is required before you apply for Polish passport so that the Polish Consul has no doubts about your identity while you lodge your Polish passport application.


I am a Polish citizen, I got married and I have changed my last name. Do I need to register my marriage in Poland and apply for a new Polish passport?

Yes, if you change your marital status, you need to register your marital status change in Poland which will be reflected with your PESEL number. It happens via transcription of your foreign marriage certificate. If you changed your last name by marriage, registering your foreign marriage certificate in Poland will also allow you to apply for a new Polish passport with your married name.

We can of course manage the transcription of your marriage on your behalf. All you need to do is to grant us a power of attorney and our Polish Citizenship Expert will take care of it at the civil registry office in Poland. In the end, you will receive from us your Polish marriage certificate which, first, will allow you to update your marital status in Poland and apply for a Polish passport with your married name (if a name change happened). 

A foreigner marrying a Polish citizen does not become a Polish citizen automatically. However, when you register your marriage in Poland, your spouse as a spouse of a Polish citizen gets similar rights to yours to reside and work within the European Union. In due time, if she or he meets the condition of Polish naturalization, they can go through that process and also obtain Polish citizenship. 


I am a Polish citizen, and I divorced abroad. Do I need to register my divorce in Poland?

Yes, you need to register your divorce certificate in Poland and therefore your marital status will be changed, and this will be reflected with your PESEL number. Your divorce will be annotated on your Polish marriage certificate. 

It is important to mention that divorce judgments issued by the courts of EU Member States since 1 May 2004 and those issued by the courts of non-EU Member States since 1 July 2009 are recognized on the territory of the Republic of Poland at the Register Office. Other divorce judgments may be recognized on the territory of the Republic of Poland only via proceedings before a regional court with jurisdiction over the applicant’s present or last place of residence. Our Polish Citizenship Experts are familiar with both procedures, and we can conduct them on your behalf in Poland.

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