Family members of a Polish citizen


I am a Polish citizen. If I get married, will my spouse automatically become Polish?

Polish citizenship cannot be passed by marriage, but your spouse will get equal rights to yours to live and work in Europe, as long as you remain married. Your spouse will be also eligible to apply for a spouse visa and that will allow your spouse to freely reside in Europe.  After a certain period of living in Poland or any other European country, your spouse can apply for Polish citizenship via naturalization but this is a different procedure to Polish citizenship confirmation by descent and different rules and requirements apply in case of naturalization across Europe. If you are a Polish citizen but you decide to live in another European country, your spouse can join you and you would need to register your spouse’s residency with the relevant authorities and apply for a residence card for your spouse. 


Do my children qualify for Polish citizenship along with me?

Yes, if you qualify for Polish citizenship by descent, your children are automatically eligible for Polish citizenship as well. However, they also need to go through the formal process with the Polish Government to be issued with a Polish citizenship certificate. Each application needs to be lodged and later assessed individually and as a result, each applicant will receive a Polish citizenship certificate. In addition to that, each applicant’s vital records (birth and marriage certificates) need to be registered with the civil registry office in Poland. Polish citizenship by descent is passed via the right of blood and that means your children, your future children and grandchildren, and so on are automatically eligible for Polish citizenship. You can pass your citizenship to future generations. If you decide to add your children to the process and lodge all your Polish citizenship applications at the same time, we will be able to offer you a great family discount. 


My paternal grandfather was a Polish citizen. Does my father need to confirm Polish citizenship before I can get mine?

You can skip generations in the process of Polish citizenship confirmation. What’s more, not everyone needs to go through it. It is enough to confirm none of your family has lost Polish citizenship on the way. That means you can skip your father (or mother in the case of maternal grandfather) and have your Polish citizenship confirmed without your parent going through the process. In other words, your parent does not need to confirm their citizenship for you to confirm yours. We will need some documents and information related to your parents such as a birth certificate and marriage certificate to prove kinship and the fact you are directly related to your grandfather. If in the future your father or mother would like to confirm their Polish citizenship, the process will be less complicated as all the work of confirming the family’s Polish citizenship will be already done. 


Can my other family members get their Polish citizenship along with me?

A massive advantage of becoming a Polish citizen is that you can bring your family on board. You only need to have one Polish ancestor to be eligible for Polish citizenship by descent. All other family members, descendants of your Polish ancestor, such as your siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, and uncles can confirm Polish citizenship as well and become Polish citizens. If you are already a confirmed Polish citizen, it is enough to give us your consent to use your file, and your research findings,  and your family members related to you by blood, will be able to use it for their Polish citizenship applications. Your children can go through the process along with you. You can have their Polish citizenship confirmed and get them Polish passports at the same time. Your spouse, despite not being a Polish citizen, gets equal rights to yours to live and work within the European Union with no time limits or formal restrictions.

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