Living in Europe with no limits


I want to live in Europe without restrictions. How can I do that? Will a Polish passport allow me to live in Europe without the time and visa restrictions?

Once you have your Polish citizenship confirmed, the Polish citizenship certificate will be issued soon. In addition to that, you need to register your vital records in Poland, your birth and marriage in case you are married. Based on that you will be issued with a Polish birth certificate and if applicable Polish marriage certificate. With these documents in original, you need to apply for a Polish passport at the nearest Polish Consulate General. Once your new passport is issued to you, you can start using it immediately. Having your Polish passport gives you the right to reside in the European Union without any time or formal restrictions. You will not need any working visa within the EU and also if you want to study, you will be eligible to get European fees or even study for free in some countries at many public universities. A Polish passport gives you residential and working rights not only in Poland but in the whole European Union. Along with you, your family members such as your children and spouse get the same rights as yours.


Benefits of a Polish passport

A Polish passport allows you to live not only in Poland but in entire Europe with no time limits and restrictions. There are some countries outside of the European Union such as Norway or Switzerland which treat EU citizens in a preferent way so it does not only apply to the EU countries. In some circumstances, while traveling for example to Asian countries, it is good to check which passport out of the ones you hold, allows you to enter or travel without a visa or with fewer limitations. Besides that, you will also get working rights in the EU. Once you are a Polish passport holder, the right will extend to your non-EU spouse and children. Your children can get Polish citizenship and passport along with you. What’s important, Polish citizenship cannot be acquired via marriage by your spouse. However, as family members of EU citizen, they will get similar rights to yours to reside and work in the EU. 


Studying in Europe with a Polish passport

Having a Polish or European passport opens doors to many public universities across Europe. There will be either no fee or significantly reduced fee at many universities once you are an EU passport holder. You would need to check for details with the university of your interest as conditions may vary across countries. You will also do not need a studying visa anymore which is of great advantage for example for youths with Polish backgrounds and of Polish descent from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and any other countries outside the European Union.

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