Restoration of Polish Citizenship


What is the process for restoration of Polish citizenship?

Restoration of Polish citizenship is a new way of acquiring citizenship. It makes it possible for a person who previously held Polish citizenship but lost it based on the provisions contained in art. 38 sec. 1 of the Act on Polish Citizenship to return to Polish citizenship. 

Restoration of Polish citizenship is a process open to people who lost or renounced Polish citizenship in the past and would like to get it back and become Polish citizens. If in the past, to acquire foreign citizenship, you had to renounce Polish citizenship, this procedure is the easiest option for you to become a Polish citizen. You will once again become a Polish citizen, from the date of the decision on restoration of your Polish citizenship. 

There are also cases where in the past people for various reasons applied for Polish citizenship renunciation. In case they had minor children, such an application would automatically apply to them as well. If you were a minor child and your parents renounced their Polish citizenship and you would like to get it back, you can have Polish citizenship restored. We will be happy to review the evidence you have and advice on the next steps. 



Who can apply for Polish citizenship via restoration of Polish citizenship?

Starting from 15 May 2012, the process of restoration of Polish citizenship came into force and became available for a narrow group of people as a new way of acquiring Polish citizenship. Restoration of Polish citizenship is available to people who between August 1962 and December 1998 acquired foreign citizenship and at the same time obtained permission from the Polish Consulate to change Polish citizenship into foreign citizenship, and because of that lost Polish citizenship. This is particularly important for people who left Poland and by obtaining foreign citizenship they approached the Polish consulate and applied for permission to do so. Contact us in case you wish us to review your case and evidence of your Polish citizenship and we will be able to advise on the next steps.


Where can I apply for restoration of Polish citizenship?

The foreigners who had Polish citizenship in the past and lost it before 1 January 1999 may apply to the Minister of Interior for its restoration. The foreigner needs to fill in a special application for restoration of Polish citizenship and lodge it with the Polish Government.

The Minister of Interior issues the decision on restoration of Polish citizenship based on the Polish Citizenship Act and following the Code of Administrative Procedure. Once your Polish citizenship is restored, you become a Polish citizen again and you can apply for a Polish passport and use the privileges it gives. 

The regulation contained in Art. 38 of the Polish Citizenship Act dictates that the Minister’s competence concerning the restoration of Polish citizenship is of a tied nature. Therefore, there is no element of administrative discretion in these matters.


How long does the restoration of Polish citizenship take?

In case of complete application, the decision can be expected within two months.


Can my family members have their Polish citizenship restored?

Restoration of Polish citizenship does not cover your relatives and for example, children born when you were not Polish citizen. The process only applies and is relevant to one specific person who lost or renounced Polish citizenship in the past.

In case you renounced your Polish citizenship and your minor child was included in your application, he or she can have his/her Polish citizenship restored as well. In case your parents renounced their citizenship before and you were a minor child back then, you can also have it restored. 


What is the difference between confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent and restoration of Polish citizenship?

Restoration of Polish citizenship applies to a person who in the past lost or officially renounced his or her Polish Citizenship. It only applies to a relevant person and does not cover family members. In case parents included their minor child in the application in the past, such a person can restore his or her Polish citizenship. 

Confirmation of Polish citizenship bears out a person is a Polish citizen by birth and proves the continuity of the Polish citizenship within the family through generations.  If one of the parents holds Polish citizenship, it is passed to the child irrespective of whether the child was born in Poland or abroad. During the process, it is necessary to provide evidence and information confirming Polish citizenship that nobody in the family in line with your Polish ancestor did not lose or renounce Polish citizenship.

While talking to you we will ask questions that allow us to assess your case and confirm Polish citizenship was not lost by anyone from your family. We also review your documents, confirm kinship and check the dates. 

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