Marta Daszkiewicz-Daniszewska

Polish Citizenship Expert

I have a double master’s degree in Administration and Art History from the University of Lodz.

This unique combination gave me the ability to take a holistic and flexible view of legal regulations and to look for non-schematic techniques for problem solving.

My experience

After receiving my master’s degree in Administration, I stayed at the university for a few years, teaching and specialising in administrative proceedings. However, I wanted to experience the „law in action” and moved to the Voivodeship Office in Lodz, where I worked at the Department of Citizenship and Foreigners’ Affairs. This is where my adventure with topics related to Polish citizenship began, which proved to be so fascinating to me that it has not stopped until today.

I was conducting proceedings concerning confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent, as well as applications for granting and recognition as a Polish citizen. In relation to the Polish citizenship process, I also conducted searches for documents in Polish archives and other institutions, as well as drafted decisions on the confirmation of Polish citizenship. At the same time, I constantly analysed scholarly publications and citizenship law.

Apart from the fact that I thoroughly analyse each case, I try to anticipate the facts and even in the most difficult situations I try to find available solutions. Each case for me relates to a unique story, which I passionately discover and share with my client.

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