European Union Citizenship through Polish Citizenship

Have you ever wondered how it would be to freely reside in Europe? Do you know that by becoming a Polish citizen you automatically become a citizen of the European Union?  Once you get your Polish passport, you get free access to Europe and the European job market as a Polish passport equals the passport of the European Union. Below you can find more details about how Polish citizenship makes you a citizen of the European Union.

Poland in the European Union

Poland has been a member state of the European Union (EU) since May 1, 2004. As an EU member, Poland is part of the EU’s single market and participates in EU decision-making processes on issues such as trade, agriculture, and justice and home affairs. Poland is also a member of the European Parliament and its citizens have the right to vote and stand as candidates in elections to the European Parliament. Being a member of the EU provides Poland with access to a large market, opportunities for trade and investment, and the ability to participate in the development of EU policies and legislation. Poland is also a member of the Schengen Area, which allows for passport-free travel between many European countries.

What does it mean to be a citizen of the European Union?

Being a European Union (EU) citizen means that you are a citizen of an EU member state and therefore have the right to live, work and travel freely within the EU.

That also means that you have citizenship rights in a European country and have certain rights and privileges within the EU as a whole. You also get the right to vote in European and local elections, and the right to consular protection while abroad. EU citizenship is an additional citizenship to the citizenship of a particular European country and is acquired through birth or naturalization in one of the EU Member States.

A Polish citizen is also a citizen of the European Union (EU)

Acquiring Polish citizenship can give an individual European Union (EU) citizenship as well. As an EU citizen, a Polish person gets the right to live, work and travel freely within the EU and is treated equally to all other EU members countries citizens.

Polish citizenship by descent

Based on your Polish ancestry and lineage, you can claim your Polish citizenship by descent based on the ‘right of blood’. You need to prove that at least one person in your family, related to you by blood was or is a Polish citizen and confirm that Polish citizenship was not lost by any of his or her descendants all the way to you.

Polish citizenship by naturalization

To acquire Polish citizenship by naturalization, an individual must meet certain eligibility criteria and complete the naturalization process. This typically involves demonstrating knowledge of the Polish language, passing a test on Polish history and culture, and meeting the residency requirements. The exact process and requirements for obtaining Polish citizenship may vary, so it is important to check the specific rules and regulations in place.

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How to get passport of Poland based on descent?

Obtaining a Polish passport based on descent involves a process known as “confirmation of Polish citizenship.” If you have Polish ancestry and can prove your descent from Polish citizens, you may be eligible to apply for confirmation of citizenship, which can then lead to obtaining a Polish passport.

What are the benefits of being Polish origin?

The term “Polish origin” typically refers to an individual’s ancestral or familial connection to Poland. It implies that a person’s ancestors, parents, or family has roots or heritage in Poland. This connection may be through direct descent (e.g., having Polish parents or grandparents), and it signifies a cultural, historical, and often a linguistic link to Poland.

What are the benefits of European Union citizenship?

European Union (EU) citizenship comes with several benefits, although it’s important to note that EU citizenship is derived from the citizenship of a specific EU member state. This means that the citizens of individual member states, such as Poland, automatically become citizens of the European Union upon acquiring national citizenship.